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The Last Day at Truffle Tree


It’s a final farewell from us at Truffle Tree. We hope you have enjoyed following our journey and eating our products! Thank you so much to everyone who bought from us today. Please enjoy this video of our last day at Truffle Tree Factory.
From Class 8


  1. I loved our truffle tree topic (I wish we could do it again)
    (my mum says they are the tastiest truffles ever)

  2. I loved making the the truffles like 2020Maria said We wish we could do it again!It was so much fun making the Oreo Truffles and we sold out in about five to ten minutes at the stalls Well Done Class 8!Also Well Done Max B for being CEO in the Truffle Tree Factory!!!!!
    Well Done again Class 8
    Love Eleanor (Class 8)

  3. Well Done every class in 3/4 for a great Enterprise topic Class 5/6/7/8 all did a great job hope we raised lots of money!!!

  4. I really enjoyed this topic. It was lots of fun. My favourite part was seeing all the parents buying our delicious truffles today. We all worked well together as a team. Thank you Miss Jackson.

  5. Excellent work class 8. I was very impressed by you all today and I look forward to lots more exciting topics from you all in 2018. Thank you Miss Jackson and your budding team of entrepreneurs. George was quiet all the way home while eating the scrumptious truffles.

  6. I absolutely loved when we spread some delicious white chocolate on the truffles. They looked absolutely stunning and tasty. I wish we could do it again! THANK YOU Miss Jackson for this treat.

  7. Wow! I’m so impressed with my Friends Class 8 Stephanie. I love making truffle with my friends

  8. Wow! That is my best week ever and l loved how you made a factory line. I wish we could do it again!

  9. Well done class 8

  10. Well done Class 8 and all the teaching staff involved in this great enterprise project! As a parent, I really enjoyed watching all the videos you made detailing the steps you took in creating the Truffle Tree company. The kids looked to have learnt a lot and were enormously invested in this. Would love to see more of this kind of learning as the blogs demonstrates what great practical skills the pupils use and parents can view it. Am very proud

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