Year 3/4

Our Passport to Learning


  1. Well done Class 8. I wish I was at the Truffle Tree factory this afternoon-it looked like great fun but hard work too. I will definitely be buying a bag of your delicious truffles even though you’re in direct competition with us!

  2. It was so fun

  3. I am so hungry

  4. I loved bashing the Oreos!Please buy our truffles!

  5. It was so fun making all of the truffles !

  6. What brilliant work Class 8 did. My favourite part of the afternoon was when we made our posters. To anyone who’s reading make sure to check out are stall at the 3/4 carol concert. Well done to everyone in Class 8.

  7. Everyone buy the truffles

    £2 per a bag!

  8. I loved the bit when I was crushing Oreos
    Also I have learnt what revenue is.
    I can’t wait to sell them!
    Maria and zahra ❤️❤️

  9. Class 8 are going to have a stall after the 3/4 carol concert! Be sure to check out our stall and buy some Truffle Tree truffles! They smell great and they look great too! Hope you buy them!

  10. I loved making them it was so fun to make them. Please buy some at the carol concert

  11. I loved making Oreo truffles in class yesterday it was so fun!We hope you buy some at 3/4 carol concert on Wednesday 13th December.Can’t wait to eat them!

  12. I loved it when I crushed the Oreos

  13. Everyone is working well for the moment for the truffles. We are the best class in the world ❤️

  14. Class 8 are going to have a truffle stall at the carol concert so make sure you buy some

  15. I loved our business about truffles. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever done at this school. Please buy our truffles!

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