Year 3/4

Our Passport to Learning


  1. It is one of the best things I have seen

    WELL DONE CLASS 8 from Hira

  2. I like being in miss jackson class because we are making truffels


  4. I agree with Hira. It looks like an excellent project Class 8. You have me hooked, I’m very interested in making a purchase!

  5. I love the video of my whole class

  6. I had a great time doing this!

  7. The logos are really cool! Well done everyone

  8. I love it.I just like our ideas for our logo.I think we should do this again . This company is the best thing I’ve ever done and I’m so excited for the truffles making

  9. I enjoyed the design from me and Tammany
    from Aiden

  10. I loved it I thought MaxB LOGO was the best. I could not find a good Oreo truffle.

  11. It was really good it’s one of the best things I’ve seen

  12. Well done all the children in miss jacksons class I’m so proud of all of you keep up almost there as the winners ,

  13. I loved all the logos and ideas!

  14. It was amassing.good job everyone

  15. I loved all the logos and ideas! We are loving this enterprise project!!!

  16. I had a great day! Looking to see how much everything cost to make them. I am so excited for tomorrow (when we are making them)
    Hope we get lots of money to give to charity.

  17. Well done class 8! I can’t wait to make truffels with my mam and my class. Well done everyone.

  18. This looks like a very good project, can’t wait to help out in class and taste them!
    ( Isobel’s mam)

  19. I can’t wait to buy a truffle, they sound delicious!

  20. Amazing work in school today. I want to try one!
    From Kirsty (Joseph mum)

  21. Well done class 8. You all look as though you have worked very hard on this amazing venture.

  22. Wow looks so fun, can’t wait to see and try the truffles . Well done class 8

  23. Well done class 8 xx excellent work xx can’t wait to taste your truffles xx ( Hiras Mum )

    GO Truffle Tree

  24. Excellent Initiative, researching mindset, thinking out the box and Team work abilities showcased during this venture. The participation from the entire class in this project is excellent.

  25. Looks like your all having lots of fun. Well done and keep up the hard work everyone. Very professional!

  26. I loved the LOGO of the truffle tree and CEO MaxB and I crushed the best of all on the Oreos I bet you 10000000000 dollars the next video is going to be amazing.

  27. Wow! It was fun making the truffles

  28. Wow!” I love making the truffles

  29. Well done class 8 i am so proud of you.We all did great truffels!

  30. Funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

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