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Class 8’s Brilliant Buissness!!!!!!!




As you may know, Y3/4 are doing an enterprise project. For our project we are doing some Truf. Please show your support by popping by our stall and buying some of our Truffles.




Class 8


  1. PS: We’re selling them at our carol concert

  2. I had a great day looking on the shop websites and seeing how much they cost,as some were so much money and so were less than a pound.It was a great day and I hope class 8 get a lot of money for charity’s.We can not wait to make them tomorrow.Hope we get lots of money for charity!
    Well Done Class 8
    Class 8

  3. Good work
    CLASS 8

  4. Julia [Eleanor’s Mum]

    Class 8 look like they’re doing a brilliant job! I can’t wait to buy some truffles next week after the Christmas Carol concert.
    Well Done Class 8!

  5. I love how the parents got all dressed up like real factory workers too. You should going check out our store at the carol concert… it’s going to be fantastic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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